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Okay so im gonna try and keep this short and sweet but there's this guy i really like. like REALLY REALLY like more than anyone else before. he always looks at me and i always catch his eye and he does tiny things that make me think he likes me but im not sure. im never gonna tell him but i think about him all the time and i hate it because what if he doesn't like me? i just need some advice on what to do because we have never EVER talked but actions speak louder than words and i really like him

Yes. Actions really speak louder than words. With what you have said, I may also think that he’s into you as well but, you as the girl in the situation, it is not your job to initiate and ask him what he does feel towards you. Like with what you’ve been worrying about, what if you tell him straight up about your feeling and he doesn’t feel the same way? That’s kinda off and embarassing, right?! There might be a chance for the guy, knowing that your into him, to take advantage of you even if he really doesn’t like you. Don’t get me wrong. Not that I’m taking off the chances that the situation may favor you or the both of you but I think it would be safer if you let the guy get all the stuff started. :) That’s my opinion/advise for you to take into consideration or just take for granted. Haha.




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